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Shower Door Enclosures by HR Glass & Mirror

Remodeling or upgrading a bathroom in your home may be stressful. Even deciding what kind of shower door to be used may take several hours or even days due to the number of options available in the market. With over 20 years of experience at HR Glass & Mirror, our professionals can recommend the best shower doors that perfectly match your budget. We offer a full line of modern shower door systems and glass patterns such as Shower Screens, Shower Doors, Shower Doors & Panels, Corner Shower, Neo Angle Shower, Steam Shower, Sliding Shower Doors, and Swing Shower Doors.

At HR Glass & Mirror, Glass Shower Doors Miami FL are our specialty. Get a beautiful bathroom with stylish glass shower doors and feel like you are in a hotel. Our team of professionals will go to see your home or office and they will take measures to create the right project of glass showers doors for you. Shower Door enclosures are not an expense anymore it is an investment for you to enjoy your house.

Shower Door Styles

Our custom designs will fit any space and shape in the state to your highest satisfaction. You just need to pick the glass you want, give us the size specifications, and let us know what is in your mind, and we will do the magic for you.

  • Frameless Shower Enclosure
  • Fantasma Shower Enclosure
  • Serenity / Roller Shower Enclosure
  • Bypass Shower Enclosure

Types of Glass Shower Doors

  1. Frameless Shower Doors: These doors have minimal or no metal framing, offering a clean and seamless look. They create an open and spacious feel in the bathroom and are often chosen for contemporary designs.

  2. Semi-Frameless Shower Doors: These doors combine the sleekness of frameless doors with a subtle frame around the edges. They offer a compromise between the openness of frameless doors and the sturdiness of framed doors.

  3. Framed Shower Doors: These doors have a full metal frame around the glass panels. While they may not be as modern-looking as frameless options, they provide extra stability and can be a cost-effective choice.

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