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Painted Backsplash by HR Glass & Mirror

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or office with an exciting new look? Imagine an ultra-clear glass bathed in luminous, reflective colors fitting in your kitchen, bathroom, and other demanding areas in your house! Painted backsplash can be used to control light, heat, and visibility without fading or delaminating surfaces.

HR Glass & Mirror can convert regular glass into a work of art! Using colored glasses enhances the sleek, clean, modern homes and commercial spaces, adding a touch of elegance when blended into traditional interiors. This versatile product introduces new glamorous designs to tile, laminate, granite, marble, and even wood applications.


A painted Backsplash gives another look to your house as an investment.

Not many homes have backsplash. So either you want to have the pleasure for yourself or get a higher market price for your home we believe that having a painted backsplash is a must have in every home!

Our colored glass can fit into anywhere of your choice:

  • Painted glass kitchen backsplash
  • Colored glass countertop
  • Kitchen island
  • Bathroom vanity
  • Cabinet glass inserts
  • Painted glass bathroom walls
  • Decorative colored glass wall
  • Colored Glass Doors

Colored Glass Tabletop We can add color and brilliance to your world.

Painted Backsplash

At HR Glass & Mirror, every project is measured to fit your existing space. There are no minimum requirements.

We have a wide range of colors to choose from, including custom colors based on significant paint manufacturers, such as Benjamin Moore, Pottery Barn, and Sherwin-Williams color codes.

Glass Thickness
Depending on the project and structural integrity requirements, back-painted glasses can be ordered in various thicknesses. Our project managers at HR Glass & Mirror can help you review your best options.

Custom accessories include matching switch plates and outlets are available to keep a seamless appearance in any environment. At HR Glass & Mirror, every project is measured to fit your existing space. Contact us today to get a quick quote.

How Do We Make Back Painted Glass?

Back-painted glass technology is simple and durable. A unique color application is applied to the back of a glossy glass panel (not the side to be used as surface area), usually in multiple coats during the manufacturing process. Painting the backside of glass protects the color application from scratches and other environmental wear while preserving the glass’s reflective quality.

We use low-iron glass panels to maintain the color integrity. Low-iron glass minimizes the iron particles that give the glass a natural green tint, which is an ultra-clear product.

Installation requirements for back-painted glass are very straightforward and mostly follow mirror installation guidelines.

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