8 Tricks To Using Glass And Mirrors To Enhance Your Home

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Glass And Mirrors To Enhance Your Home

Mirrors are such a staple in most washrooms and dressing tables worldwide that we now take them for granted. Just 500 years ago, mirrors were still considered a luxury, reserved for royalty and the upper class. To catch sight of their reflection, most people had to look into a pond of still water or try and catch their reflection in a glass window.

Nowadays, mirrors are trivial objects used when applying makeup or getting dressed. While we take them for granted, we use them daily without thinking about it. While traditionally used in washrooms and changing cabinets, modern buildings use mirrors in various ways to enhance the design of rooms and create a desired ambiance.

Homes increasingly use glass and mirrors to accentuate or create illusions to enhance rooms in various ways. If you’re looking at how to use the humble mirror to spruce up your home, we have some tips for you. And should you be interested in installing new mirrors or glass panes in the Islamorada, Florida area, contact us at HR Glass and Mirror. With over 30 years of experience, we are Miami’s #1 custom frameless shower door expert. Our specialists have installed mirrors and glass panes in homes and commercial properties across Miami.


Table Of Content:

  1. Enrich Lighting
  2. Provide The Illusion Of Space
  3. Enhance Your Entry
  4. Emphasize Landscapes Or Artworks
  5. Don’t Limit Mirrors To The Indoors
  6. Select Frames And Designs That Complement The Other Furniture
  7. Improve Safety
  8. Don’t Overdo It


  1. Enrich Lighting

The primary value of mirrors is that they are excellent at reflecting light (which is how we can use them to view reflections). This also means that natural or artificial light can be expanded by placing a mirror near the source so that it bounces the light around the room, creating a brighter feeling without requiring additional lights. This is very useful, especially for rooms reliant on only natural light.

  1. Provide The Illusion Of Space

By reflecting its surroundings, a strategically placed mirror can give the illusion that a small room is larger than it is. Consider adding a mirrored cabinet or even a full-length mirror to provide a room with the illusion of space. Be conscious of what you want it to reflect, as, depending on the angle, you’ll want to make sure only beautiful areas are reflected to the viewer.

  1. Enhance Your Entry

Consider letting an ornate mirror be the focal point at your entryway, so that when entering your home for the first time, you are greeted by either a reflection of yourself or angled to provide the illusion of space. Pair this with some functional pieces that do not clutter the space, and you’ll have a beautiful yet minimal entry. And the icing on the cake is that you can use this mirror to help touch up your makeup or hair on the way out the door.


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  1. Emphasize Landscapes Or Artworks

You can position mirrors to reflect your garden or a particular view from a window. You can also frame particularly interesting or favorite artwork pieces in the mirror reflection to emphasize its arrangement. 

  1. Don’t Limit Mirrors To The Indoors

If placed strategically, the mirror can serve to expand the garden by reflecting its openness and greenery. It can also help to brighten particularly shady areas. Depending on the frame and design of the mirror it can also be an aesthetic touch to complement your plants in the garden. Try and position the mirror giving it some protection from the elements; however, if the ideal placing requires it to be uncovered, you can always use outdoor mirrors.

  1. Select Frames And Designs That Complement The Other Furniture

Unless you’re looking to make your mirror a focal point or centerpiece by adding contrast, consider choosing frames and designs that flow with the colors and materials of the other furniture in the room. At HR Mirror & Glass, we provide mirrors in various sizes, shapes, and materials, and we can also furnish accessories to customize your ideal mirror further.

  1. Improve Safety

An oft-overlooked benefit to using mirrors around the house, you can improve the safety of your home by placing mirrors in areas with limited visibility to help prevent accidents. Tight corners and frequently trafficked areas with low visibility can benefit from a tastefully installed mirror.

  1. Don’t Overdo It

While mirrors can be used in many inventive and elegant ways to enhance your home’s design and ambiance, having too many mirrors can come off as gaudy or tastelessly added. Installing mirrors in several areas of your house can be tempting, but consider that reflecting a lousy view or having reflections within reflections can make your home seem like a house of mirrors more suited for a fun fair than a tasteful home. Always carefully consider how you would like to use a mirror before going all in.



If you feel like your home could do with some enhancements or sprucing up, adding mirrors strategically can be a relatively low cost but unique way to improve your home’s design and ambiance without changing too much. And should you be looking to install new mirrors or glass panes to your home, our team of specialists can help provide the finest mirrors, glass doors, galls shelves and tabletops, and shower door enclosures to residences or commercial properties all around Islamorada, Florida. Get in touch with us today!  


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