5 Types of interior glass doors you should know

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Doors are a crucial component of any home, and interior doors can significantly affect the look and feel created within your space. When remodeling or designing new areas for your house, it is essential to consider which type best suits each room’s needs while weighing their unique applications to avoid having too much excess hardware hanging around.

Interior glass doors can do a lot for your home. They’ll make it more open and accessible and look pretty cool too! If you’re planning on adding one to your next renovation project, know that there are many types of interior glass doors from which to choose. HR Glass and Mirror shares five common types:


Pocket doors

Pocket doors are an excellent choice for creating an open layout in small spaces, as they can be installed in any doorway. They’re also perfect for dividing rooms without taking up floor space, as they slide into the wall when not in use. These doors come in different styles and colors, so you can choose one that works with your existing design aesthetic.

Pocket doors are a great way to add privacy to your home, but they can also make a space feel bigger. These sliding doors are easy to install and can be used in interior or exterior applications. Because the door has guides on each side that run along tracks in the wall, there is no frame or hardware required when you install them.

Pocket doors typically open at 90 degrees, although some offer other angles of opening. They’re perfect for rooms where two spaces need to connect seamlessly without having any barriers, such as an entryway or hallway.

A pocket door is an interior sliding door that slides into its frame instead of swinging outwards as regular hinged doors do. This makes it ideal for small spaces or hallways where there isn’t enough room to swing a larger hinged door open all the way around.


Barn doors

If you are looking for an interior glass door that looks and operates like a traditional barn door, look no further than HR Glass and Mirror. These doors are available in both single and double-leaf styles. They can be opened from either side and incorporate a center hinge to make opening and closing easy. Barn doors are usually mounted in pairs on two adjacent walls to create a chic entryway or partition between rooms on the same floor level.


Accordion doors

This is the most common type of glass door. It has two panels that slide along tracks to open and close. These are great for rooms with high ceilings, low humidity, and small spaces, as they don’t take up much space when opened. They are also suitable for homes in humid climates because they don’t let in much moisture when opened or shut.

Accordion doors are not weatherproof, so be sure to install them with a frame that keeps out bugs and other pests!


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Bifold doors

Bifold doors are one of the most common types of interior glass doors. They can be made of wood or aluminum, usually made of two panels that fold up. Bifold doors can be manually operated or powered by an electric motor. They’re an excellent option for homes with small spaces, as they don’t take up as much room as other interior glass doors. However, bifold doors are more expensive than other options when installing them in your home because they require extra framing work compared to different types of interior glass doors.


French glass interior doors

The use of glass doors in homes is rising due to their beautiful appearance and fascinating craftsmanship. French models, which have 75% or more slabs with inserts from transparent material like lacquered steel panes, give your home an elegant look that’s hard for other types’ designs to compete with.

The classic French door is a timeless design used in modern or traditional interiors. The most popular options for glass are frosted, transparent, and opaque varieties which create different effects depending on what you want to achieve with your home décor – from minimalist transparency to complete privacy.


You can make your house more open by installing interior glass doors.

Interior glass doors can create a seamless transition between rooms, open up a small space and make it feel bigger, or help you bring the outdoors in.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create more space in your home, interior glass doors are an excellent choice. Not only do they increase your livable square footage (as opposed to adding walls), but they also allow light into dark areas of your home. These benefits are advantageous if you live in an apartment building with smaller units that lack windows or adequate ventilation.



The possibilities for interior glass doors are endless, and you can use them to create a seamless transition between rooms. They’re great for adding light and making your home feel more spacious. If you want to open your house more, installing some glass doors would be a good idea. Contact HR Glass and Mirror, and let us help you with your next project!


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