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Glass tabletops come in various forms and sizes and can be used for multiple functions at home or work. Durability is essential when purchasing glass tabletops because they can withstand extreme conditions like hot drinks on top without breaking down. 

Glass tabletops can contribute to the overall healthiness (of room temperature. More people today choose straight-sided options rather than any that might provide certain benefits, though some still utilize them due to fashion preference alone.

When shopping for a glass tabletop, it’s essential to consider the thickness of the glass, color, and design of the piece, shape, and edge style. At HR Glass & Mirror, we have prepared some tips to help you pick a piece that will look great in your home and last for years.

Choose the thickness of the glass tabletop

The thickness of the glass you choose will depend on how you intend to use your table. Thicker glass is stronger and more resistant to breaking, but it can also make a table heavy and difficult to move. If your tabletop will be used regularly with heavy items such as vases or books, it’s better to go with thicker glass so there is less chance of breakage. If you plan on moving your tabletop often—say, if it’s part of an outdoor patio design—go with thinner glass so that it doesn’t weigh down the frame and cause problems while moving.

Choose the color and design of glass

Another vital factor to consider when choosing a glass table is the color. The best choice for your table is usually one that matches the colors of your furniture, walls, and floors. However, if you want something unique or bolder, these colors may be too subtle. You can still use these tips to ensure your glass tabletop looks excellent no matter what color it is. For example, if your walls are light gray with white trimming around windows and doors, then a black-framed table would work well with this decor scheme because both colors contrast nicely with each other without being too overpowering.

Select a shape

After deciding what color and thickness you want, it’s time to select a shape. This is where things get fun and exciting. You have a ton of options here at HR Glass and Mirror!

The most common shapes are square, rectangular, oval, and round. They can also be custom-shaped to fit any space perfectly in your home or office environment. If you’re looking for something different than these basic shapes, other options are available. Trapezoids or triangles will break up the space and add depth to it when placed above a lower shelf unit where they can be seen from all angles instead of just one side like most other items.

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Select the edge type of your glass tabletop

The first thing to consider is the type of edge you want on your glass tabletop. You have several different options, including:

  • Beveled edge – a beveled table top has an angled edge that is slightly rounded for a softer look and feel
  • Straight edge – this style of glass tabletop gives it a more modern look with a clean straight line from the bottom corner to the opposite side
  • Rounded edge – this type of design softens the sharpness of your dining room or kitchen table by creating rounded corners where you might otherwise expect them to be squared off at 90 degrees, like most furniture pieces today
  • Tapered – tapered edges are similar to rounded but with one difference; instead of being completely round, they end in an angle that gradually curves away from whatever surface they’re sitting on

Determine the type of base to use under the glass tabletop

Make sure you choose a base that is appropriate for your glass tabletop. A wood or metal base with clips can be used on all glass tops, while a plastic base requires an extra step to attach to the glass.

You may also want to consider what materials are best for your table. Wood bases cost more than metal or plastic ones, but they can be carved and sanded down if you want a more custom look for your table. Metal bases are sturdy and attractive, but they’re heavier than wood or plastic bases and may not fit under low-slung tables well because of their size. Plastic bases are lightweight and easy to work with. Still, they don’t lend themselves well to painting or other decorating techniques like staining woods, especially if they’re made from melamine-coated particle board (which many cheap models are).

When choosing a glass tabletop for your home, think about its uses, appearance and safety

When you’re shopping for a glass tabletop, consider your needs and desired look. Also consider the safety of the product.

Glass is a versatile material that can be used in many ways in your home. You can use it as a dining or coffee table, depending on what activities you have planned for guests at your house. It would be best to consider how often you’ll use the glass top, its appearance, and its safety features when making your purchase decision.


Choosing a glass tabletop for your home considers its uses, appearance and safety. You can do this by viewing the thickness of the glass, color and design, shape of your tabletop and edge type of your glass top. Whether you need more information or you are already prepared to order your new glass tabletop don’t hesitate to contact HR Glass and Mirror today! We’ll be more than happy to help you.


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