Here are some common questions about HR Glass & Mirror that we hope will help educate you during the shopping process.

  1. How do I get an estimate from HR Glass and Mirror?.
    Answer: HR Glass and Mirror will meet with you at your home, at your convenience. We will bring samples, examine your existing windows and doors, and educate you as to all the options that are available to satisfy your needs. Once you are completely educated and have determined what product you would like. We will provide you with a written estimate. To schedule an appointment call us at (786) 332-3363 or complete our online form and we will make arrangements at your convenience to schedule an appointment.
  2. Can I buy from HR Glass and Mirror and install them myself?
    Answer: HR Glass and Mirror products are all custom manufactured to your exact specifications. We will sell to you direct, however by choosing to install the products yourself you are forfeiting our product warranty and will pay sales tax. Our warranty is a tremendous value, and when you add up all the additional hidden costs associated with installing our products yourself you will realize that the additional cost to have our professional technicians install your products is minimal.
  3. How should I compare one hurricane window to another?.
    Answer: This is a significant investment, so take your time to do your research prior to purchasing. Some important criteria to look for when making a decision are building code approvals, design pressure, glass criteria, installation techniques, and warranty.
  4. How do your products compare in price to other national brands?
    Answer: Our products are competitively priced in the market. We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive. However, we will provide the best value by giving you the highest quality products professionally installed with the most comprehensive warranty in the marketplace.
  5. When comparing products, how do I know that they have proper code approvals?
    Answer: All code approvals are not identical. Code approvals can be for many different products and based on several different factors including property location and product use. When comparing code approvals, make sure all products are specifically approved for impact by a reputable governing agency such as Miami-Dade County.
  6. I compared prices and found that HR Glass and Mirror to be more expensive. Why is that?
    Answer: If you are making a comparison to a company that buys standard size products then custom and does not do the complete finish work, HR Glass and MIrror will be more expensive. However, when compared to companies that do a complete job, have insurance, a qualified installation staff and product warranties our prices are frequently below the competition. This industry is no different then any other, it takes more money to create a superior experience where all expectations are met or exceeded.
  7. What is site specific engineering?
    Answer: Several municipalities require specific engineering in regard to the form of hurricane protection you have chosen. This often occurs in residences that are above three stories or multi family units such as condominiums and apartments.
  8. Do I need to have a building permit?
    Answer: Under no circumstance should you enter into an agreement to have products installed without a building permit being issued.
  9. How does the permit process work?
    Answer: Upon signature of a contract a customer must sign a permit application, this application along with the product approvals will be sent to the city for approval. City approval is based on the proper products being specified for the location of your property. Upon city review and approval a permit will be issued for your property. Prior to the installation, the permit must be posted on your job site, upon completion of the installation the municipality will be notified and a final inspection will take place. An HR Glass and Mirror representative will meet the city inspector and review the job. At that time the city inspector will approve the job and the permit will be closed.
  10. Will my home security system still work?
    Answer: During the window and door installation, the security system will be detached from the window frame. We will leave the wires exposed; we are not an alarm company. Therefore, we will not reattach your alarm system.
  11. How do I get a premium reduction in my home insurance when I have purchased hurricane protection products?
    Answer: Contact your insurance company for a Storm Mitigation Application. This form must be completed by an approved professional. Once the product is installed and the application is completed and submitted you are entitled to a discount on your insurance.